rekluse clutch 450 on a 426

ok so i have an opportunity to buy a rekluse clutch for a 450 cheep-ish just wondering if it will fit my 426? or can it be made to with a 450 clutch basket? or is it a deffinate no no?


What year 450?

I'm pretty sure the 426 and the '03-'05 450's share the same pressure plate but I'm not sure about the clutch boss...but since the pressure plate is what you change out for the Rekluse it should be okay.

I have installed them on both my 02' 426 and an '05 450 and they appeared to be the same but I can't guarantee that. I do remember that the intial installation of the Rekluse drive plates was slightly different in both the number of them to use and the location in the stack so make sure that you get a copy of the installation instructions for your 426. Actually I still have mine so I could get a copy to you if needed. If the clutch cover gasket is not interchangeable between the 426/450 then you will need to order one from Rekluse as it needs to be significantly thicker than the stock gasket.

The best thing you can do is give Rekluse a call, they have great customer service if you call them, but I have never received a return email to any questions that I have asked them via the website.

I don't have any idea about interchangeability between the 450 or 426 but I just bought a used rekluse for an 02 426. The instructions and parts list that came with it are signifcantly different from the instructions and parts list that I downloaded from the Rekluse web site. I had to order several more drive plates ($5each) and another gasket ($20). YZ426 rider is right that their customer service is very helpful, give them a call and ask.

They are different part numbers and the clutch cover gasket is different. I'm willing to bet that it won't work, even if you ordered the correct gasket.

its for an 03 yzf450, i checked genuine part numbers and the steel clutch plates are the same (426/450) but friction plates are different part numbers, so its probably very slightly different but i may end up getting it to find out, can always sell it on again if it doesnt fit!

hi, did it fit the 426 ???

hi, didnt buy it in the end so don't know unfortunately,

good luck though.

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