05 losing power and sputtering when hot..

.......but it runs fine when cold. The valves are in spec, all servicing up to date, but recently ran into this odd problem. Could it be that coolant is somehow getting into the cylinder? I think that if it was a carb issue, the problem would be noticable at all operating temps. Once again, the motor starts to lose power and act as if it's running out of gas when hot. Help!


I'm gonna say it's a carb issue. Pull your carb and check your hot start plunger for sticking, check the air boots on either side for cracks, leaks, etc., and give the whole thing a really good cleaning with carb cleaner and compressed air. Other problems may be clogged jets, sticking float or some other sort of fuel starvation. Also, throw in a new spark plug for good measure. If none of that helps, I seem to remember a similar problem being caused by an intermittent regulator/rectifier...SC

Thanks Clark. What's an "intermittent regulator/rectifier?"

Most likely your tank is not venting. Unscrew the cap and remove the rubber seal and unplug the vent line from the cap. run around with the screwed down but no sealed down the road with half a tank or less.:applause:

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