Exhaust question

I'm getting ready to order my exhaust set up for my '06 WR450F. I'm partial to FMF, but Dr.D and a few others are awesome acording to recent coberage in magazines. I ride mostly wide open trails, some tight trails no track but I like power when needed. Anyone running a FMF Q w/a power bomb header? I've done the free mods minus the AIS kit still. Its still winter here, so I'm getting the bike ready to haul before spring. Oh yeah, I went and looked at the '07 WR450F yesterday that I ordered a few months ago at the dealer, wife said I can get it, but I passed on it. $7299.00 just doesn't sit well w/me.

Mark :applause:

I ran the Q2 with a powerbomb for a while and wasn't real impressed. I then threw a Ti Powercore instead of the Q and it really woke up the bike. The problem was the can was prone to damage due to the thin nature of the titanium sheeting on the main portion of the can. Now I'm running a Dr.D with the powerbomb and I couldn't be happier. Confused now? That's what I'm here for...SC

I thought of running a Dr.D and a FMF Power bomb header also.I was courious though if they were compatable, meaning same size were they meet up together. They must since you didn't mention any issues.Thanks for the reminder.


The two fit together like a thumb in a butt :applause:mrs_puke.gif...SC

The two fit together like a thumb in a butt :applause:mrs_puke.gif...SC

Pretty snug huh? You probably had to use some silicone and wiggle it a little to get it in. :applause:

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