fork level in clamps

Where do you have your forks(650R) set in the triple clamp using the line just under the fork caps as a reference? Even with the line +/-10 mm ? How did you determine that the position of the forks matches the height of the shock so things are not mismatched? thanx

I use the cap line as reference.

As for the position of forks vs the rear shock, I don't know if that really matters. Its probably more of a personal preference then a fine adjustment.


I make the last line, closest to the top of the fork, flush with the triple clamp.

There is way too much variation in setup such as amount of sag running in the rear, spring stiffness on the front, extra weight from large fuel tank and DS kits to say that one mans 5mm will equate to another's 5mm.

Just pull the tubes up 5-10mm (no more than 10mm) if you ride slower terrain with lots of turning and see if you like it. If you ride really fast stuff w/o a steering damper, you may want to run them flush to lessen head shake.

Personally I use 5mm. I like to raise them until I have head shake issues and then lower them slightly.

I ran lots of single-trak with the forks 10mm up, including the cap. Worked fine with 100mm of sag.

Looked similar to Thunderchicken set-up. (Applied trip clamps)

Never had any headshake on this bike at any setting or speed. If you do, I would look for adjustments elsewhere.

I got mine at 5mm but I do alot of different levels of riding speed, single track to holy shit hang on! and I love the way it works

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