XR630R Baja Commander

There's one for sale on eBay.......anyone ever ridden one?

i always wanted a XR600. but once i saw a XR650, i never wanted the old aircooled desigh. just looked so dated.( not that the XR650 isn't dated now)

XR650....Dated? where have you been. too much hype on the 450 ehh. road one at moonrocks and its nowhere near as smooth and fun or easy to ride. 45 = no good

8 years is a long time for something not to change in the motorsport world. i'm speaking of factory offerings. i'm not saying the bike is no good or can't be improved.

never heard of it. It sounds like a 600 with after market parts (namely a 630 big bore kit) why go 630 when you can go 660 get all the power of a 650 with the weight of a 600

ahh ok I get it now.

is there any weight difference between the 600 and the 650R?

is there any weight difference between the 600 and the 650R?

They are very close. I think that Honda specified the 650R as 1 pound more than the 600.

actually its about 5 pounds heavier. 5 pounds dosent sound like much but you can feel it and it makes a difference

5 lbs eh? The only time I can feel that 5lbs makes a difference is when it is on me!!!!! 5lbs on a bike does not make a difference at least not for me. I gain and lose 5 lbs every weekend depending how much beer I drink and how foten I piss it away

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