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Pain post op getting worse again?

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I posted a while back about having surgery to repair a Lis Franc injury. The surgery required 6 screws being installed in the 1st - 3rd (I think) metatarsals. At 13 weeks I was "officially" cleared to get off the crutches by my surgeon though I had tested this a few times as early as about 9 weeks. I'm now at about 17 weeks post op and the last 3 seem like my foot is getting worse. The swelling is down, and I can wear normal shoes but when I say worse I mean the pain felt after doing nearly anything (ie walking 1/2 mile).

So I guess my question is this, is that normal for it to seemingly hurt worse after you get back on it (for weeks, I figured on a 1-2 weeks of some soreness). I don't want get back on pain meds but it's painful enough that it's causing to me think I should take 1-2 Vicodin or something a day.

Is there anything non-narcotic that would help this (800mg of Ibuprofren isn't cutting it).

Thanks as always.

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