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Dealer EXPO 2007

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Here is my personal take on the 2007 Dealer EXPO.

The show was lots of fun this year. Felt a lot more laid back then last year. Was great to meet some of the other people and companies in the industry. Most everyone (with the exception of a few individuals, who shall remain nameless) are very friendly and everyone gets along well. It is not uncommon to see all the so called rival companies (Pitster, BBR, Xtreme, Sano, Thumpstar, etc. standing around shooting the breeze together. Everyone thinks that it is a cutthroat business and all these companies are rivals of each other, but in reality all these guys get along well and talk quite often with each other through out the year.

We had a nice pleasant dinner after the show on Sunday with several different companies, Outlaw Powersports, Pitster, SGR, Thumpstar, Blata & Cat5 all sitting at the same table enjoying some casual conversation and a great meal together.

It seems that all the rival controversy that has been built between the vendors is a creation of some very loyal customers of each individual company and not by the companies themselves.

The show was kind of a disappointment as to new product coming onto the market. Several Mini manufactures that have attended the show in the past were absent at this years event. And not many of the ones that attended this year unveiled anything new. Is this a sign that the mini trend is on a downward path? I don't believe so. I believe that the mini sports is still growing strong, but some of the companies with products that are not as well thought out or designed, as other the companies, are the ones fading away. As will all know the market is very completive by the way of pricing goes also and this has impact some companies also.

My unbiased opinion is that the new product on the mini scene to receive the most talk and recognition at the show was Pitster's new X4 models. These bikes are awesome. Pictures do not do them justice. Everyone was talking about them. I honestly did not here anyone critiquing them. But, them was a lot of compliments on them, include compliments from rival companies. Huge props go out to Gary and his team on the design of these new models. It is going to be exciting to see the customer’s reactions to these works of art when they get them.






The frenzy of Asian people taking pictures at the BBR booth was crazy. It looked like the Papa Ratzi trying to get a picture of a pantie-less Britney Spears. It was insane to say the least.

BBR KOP bike was also a buzz at the show. I was talking to Brent Brown (one of the BBR brothers) about it and told him that the Chinese will have a copy of it on the market in about 6 months. He said I don't doubt it, they probably don't even realize it is a joke.


The clear plastic that BBR used on one of their bikes to showcase their products was also on the lips of many attendees. It was very BBR unique as usual. They got a lot of compliments on it.


Xtreme unveiled there CR5, which is also a unique bike, but I personally thought there was a lot left to be desired on it. It looked like it had more Chinese influence to it, then USA. I hear the production bikes will have some changes made and no doubt with Guy Cooper involved in the project, they should be a little more desirable when the hit the retail market.




Xtreme CR125 edition bike.


Xtreme Phat Gecko


CHP had some very nice bikes on display decked out with their product.







AlpineStar had their new Tech 2 boots on display. I see a lot of mini riders putting their AXO aside and pick up a pair of these boots. MSRP was $149.


This bike was supposedly designed by an Italian company. They are supposed to be working on the EPA. The people that had it on display did not seem to know much at all about it. I doubt it will ever hit the US market. It was actually really very heavy. But, I though the frame was neat.


Me and Pastrana. I was busting up, because he jumped up on the first rung of the bar stool he was standing by as to not appear so short next to me. The guy is one of the friendliest people I have ever met. He was very nice and pleasant to everyone and was very upbeat when taking pictures with his fans and signing autographs. Great guy.


Dakar KTM ridden by Chris Blais. Finished 3rd overall. Amazing.

Dakar KTM.jpg

I personally had a great time at the show. Met a lot of greatly people and a handful of real A**HOLES. I can't wait till next years show.

P.S. SGR-USA has some really, really and I mean really exciting things coming up as far as product offering go. It is going to shack up the aftermarket parts world IMHO.

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i kinda like that "italian designed" bike. well actually i just like the look of the overly exposed frame rails in the front, the ducatie look. but i hate the way the exhaust is run it makes the bike look a little too plain and doesnt seem to offer a whole lot of benifits. it is good to hear that the vendors all get along and every one had fun. keep giving us customers the good inside scoop on the vendors world.

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Yea thats how was definitly a blast.... maybe we should get some of the pics that Staggs has..... hahaaa

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Yea thats how was definitly a blast.... maybe we should get some of the pics that Staggs has..... hahaaa

Nah, thats ok Doug, I would rather not have to see your tea bag again. LOL

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