HELP! lubricate this!


I'm relatively new to 4stokers, and kinda regret having made the switch because a) the weight disadvantage and :) whatever happened to simplicity ?

I bought a YZ400 '00, and found out that the oil resevoir in the frame has been sealed off. This may sound a stupid question, but where do I get the oil in now?

Someone has written 950ml on the sidecover (left), so I guess this is the 'new' oil capacity.

Another one: I read somewhere that the rear hub has two bearings, I just replaced three (two on the sprocket side)! Huh?

I need this info since i'm gonna race this thing and the first race is almost there...



The oil entry under the handlebars has been sealed? That does not sound too cool. How is it sealed? Can you open it back up? That would be the logical choice, since you wouldnt have to lay it on its side to get oil in.

wet sump modification????

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