I gotta know yz 426 vs 660 raptor

Anyone had these 2 machines up against eachother? And if you havent just assure me that the 426 would spank it...My friend sold his dirtbike and thinks a 660 raptor can beat anything and wants to get one. Im not convince so i need some opininons

A 426 should eat any quad. I haven't tried it, I choose not to ride with quads. :applause:

my friends 426 eats banshees for breakfast. my bike has more stuff done than his i think but there is snow on the ground right now. thats ok though because for the last couple days it has been 40 to 50 degrease F. so i expect it to be gone soon so i can meet up with some bikes and quads and EAT them up :applause:

The 426 will eat both the raptor and the banshee. I've done it myself.

Is The Quad Stock

Rest assured i raced a highly modded 660 raptor on my mostly stock( pipe jet kit and 03 cam) 02yz426 and i won by atleast 30 bikes lengths i was on and off the gas ridin wheelies while the raptor was wide open

My cuz has a Predator 500 and it is not even in the same league as my 426.

My older (lighter) brother has a 660 raptor and i eat him on my 426, and i weight an extra 80 pounds! :applause:

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