new tire mounting problems, possible bad tire?

Hi all. I just received my new set of continental tkc-80s for my xr650L. I took the rims off and took them to my local dealer to be mounted. I promtly went home and put them back on the bike. After mounting the rear I turned the tire to see if there were any high spots on the tire. Theres definately a high spot. Its very apparent. You can look at the little mark on the tire just outside of where the bead is. On the one side its outside the rim and on the other side that little line is not even visible. Its under the rim. Did my dealer mount my tire poorly or is the tire bad? Is there anything I can try? I did let some air out and kneaded the tire all around hoping to rememdy the problem. It didnt work. I ordered the tires from tires unlimited and they said the tires were first quality. What gives?? :applause:

I had the same problem when I mounted the front had high spots and the bead never seated fully ,in fact there were two places one on each side of the tire.enough to say that this caused the bike to be very unstable at high speed (read ; possible cause of the last tankslapper:eek: )I tried many ways and finally took it to a tire shop.turned out that the tire needed some lube between the tire and rim,the guy just used dishwashing fluid and the tire just popped right out.maybe this can help you.good luck:thumbsup:

let the air completely out of the tire, break the bead, spray some windex on the bead and re inflate. over inflate it and it should pop out. (maybe 40-50lbs max) make sure you loosen the bead lock too. sometimes tapping it with a mallet will work as well. remember to deflate after so your not riding a rock.

Like Stoney55 says, deflate, put a little lube (soapy water) on both sides, then pump it up to 50 psi or so. Let it sit a few minute and you'll probably see them pop right out. And, I wouldn't get anymore tires done at that shop if I were you, this is something they should have ensured was right. It really isn't that hard to do them yourself. Go get a $20 set of tire irons ( the longer the better ) and give it a shot.:applause:

Hey fellas, got it taken care of. Thanks alot for the help. Someone on advrider recommended bouncing the tire on the floor. It worked. That and lots of lube. :applause:

I am going back to the dealer tomorrow and showing them the rim. Its gonna be my word against theirs but at the bare minimum im hoping the mechanic gets his ass chewed out. Ive only had a few tires mounted in the past and this has never happened.

Now all I need to do is get a decent set of spoons and do this sh*t myself. If you want anything done right now adays 'ya have to do it yourself.

yuppers - best to mount em yerself. I use the tire black stuff made by turtle wax as a lube works great!

Best thing I have found for bead lube is GO-JO cream hand cleaner.

It was a no go at the dealer. I showed him the rim and he looked at me and said "what do you want me to do with this" I replied "your mechanic did this, I would like you to replace my rim" "prove it" "ok, at the very least give me my money back. You didnt set the bead, put the tire on backwards and dinged my perfect rim." "ill reverse your tire for you" "if you do are you gonna gouge my rim again?" Then steam came out of his ears. As politely as I could I said a few things I wont say on here and walked out. He knew they fouled up. The super fresh shiney gouges were the proof and he knew it. Be a man, admit you and your business made a mistake 'ya loser. To bad he didnt know I probably was gonna but a vstrom from his this summer.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated problem. I have worked on quite a few XRs on which dealers had screwed something up, all the way from what you describe to installing piston rings incorrectly. If you are going to have a dealer do work, question the shop guy extensively to make sure he knows what he is doing.

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