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Bike setup video

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TT'er were asked what video they would like to see and several people suggested a DVD on Bike Setup. We tried to cover the setup items that are changed most often. You can click the link below to see the DVD details.


Here's a summary:

New bikes are made for a fictitious rider who rides in a fictitious environment. For example, a intermediate rider who weighs 160 lbs and likes to ride at a novice level motocross track. Does this describe your situation? Used bikes are generally modified to meet the needs of the owner. If you’ve recently purchased a bike then it is likely setup for someone else; not you. If you haven’t set your bike up to meet your specific weight, style and riding area then you’re not getting the most out of your riding experience. The DVD covers the following:

* Grease the steering stem bearings

o Inspect the Fall-away

* Suspension setup

o Setting the sag on the shock

o Determine if the shock spring is correct for your weight

o Understand how suspension rebound and compression clickers impact performance

* Install a steering stabilizer

* Install hand guards (bark busters)

* Adjust the handle bars and levers

* Remove and install a 2 stroke pipe

* Remove and install a carbon fiber pipe guard

* Remove and install hand grips (pro’s and con’s of each method)

* Remove and apply new decals to get a professional looking application

* Pre-ride nut and bolt check


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