MotoCaching - Dumb Idea?

Before you discount this as just another crazy idea that Ron guy in SoCal cooked up, please spend a few minutes at and see what this caching thing is all about. It is becoming huge her in SoCal, and by the looks of the website, everywhere else as well.

In short, it has to do with hiding a bunch of stuff in a weatherproof container (an ammo box is common), taking the coordinates of the hiding spot using a GPS receiver, and entering the coordinates on the website so others can try to find it. If someone finds it, they sign a logbook, take something, and leave something else in its place. It sounds kind of dumb, but it is a lot of fun.

What I am trying to get at is this:

Sometimes it gets boring riding around the open desert without a destination. After awhile, its the same old trails and hills. What if someone were to place a logbook and a pencil in a small tupperware type of container and hide it under some rocks in a really cool spot way out in the middle of nowhere. The location could be entered either on or here on TT. This would give everyone a fun destination when out riding. The better the spot, the better the ride. Sign the logbook once your there, and see who has been there before you.

I can think of a few good spots to share with you guys, some of them in real nasty terrain. Up on the top of an extremely technical hill climb, or maybe at a hot spring where many people (girls) frequent. Oh yeah, clothing is optional at the hot spring. :)

Interesting places make for interesting rides. See new riding areas, learn how to navigate, meet new friends. Yep, its Friday, I'm at work and I'm bored silly.


I will be out there tomarrow,just tell me how to get to the hotsprings. Clothing optional? Girls? Can I take off my red flannel underwear? I just love this site. :)

Ron, that does sound like a heck of a lot of fun. Except that part about Tree Hugger in red flannel underware! :)

WR450 with an e-button! :D

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Ron, that's an awesome idea! I'd like to incorporate it into some of our tours. Another excuse to go riding too: "honey, I have to ride out into the middle of the desert to bury some junk in the ground". Sweet! Food would be good, or maybe some high-quality reading material with lots of pictures. Something to really motivate the "seekers" to find the cache.

Lets hear it for Ron, Yeh.......And now for the naked girls. Show me the girls. Me be seeker. :)

Originally posted by Ron in SoCal:

What if someone were to place a logbook and a pencil in a small tupperware type of container and hide it under some rocks in a really cool spot way out in the middle of nowhere.


That sounds like it would be alot of fun. I'm thinking that somewhere other than under some rocks would be good for our desert. I'd hate to get snapped by a Mojave Green or a Southwest Diamondback Rattler while I'm fishing around under some rock. I guess we could put a snakebite kit in the tupperware. You would have to sign the log before before you could take the bite kit out.

That would allow us to use the log to identify the riders remains and return what is left of the motorcycle after we grab some spare parts!!!! :):D


This stuff is pretty cool and I think ron was the one that told me about it. there is one riding area around me that has one hidden, but i have not been there to find it yet or have not hidden one yet, but plan to in the near future.

This gives you something to do while your out on a sunday ride.

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Originally posted by yzernie:

I'm thinking that somewhere other than under some rocks would be good for our desert. I'd hate to get snapped by a Mojave Green or a Southwest Diamondback Rattler while I'm fishing around under some rock. I guess we could put a snakebite kit in the tupperware. You would have to sign the log before before you could take the bite kit out.


That is great, you took the words right out of my :) mouth. The other thing I was wondering about was how I was going to read a GPS (or Map) strapped to the bars going about 50mph across the dez. I mean, it's mandatory to go balls-out across the desert as soon as you dump the clutch leaving the truck....right?


p.s. the naked chick thing sounds interesting though.

Ron, This is a great idea!! I already know of one outside of Mojave. It's on top of ******* Mountain. The hill climb can be so gnarly sometimes we can't all make it. But when you get to the top there's a coffee can inside of a coffee can that is hidden under a pile of rocks. Inside of the coffee cans you will find a book and some signatures of some famous riders. I think some of the dates go back to the 70's. I havn't attempted to find it in the last couple of years but im sure it's still there. (It's in the middle of nowhere).

We could do it a couple of different ways. You and Pmaust could join me and try to find it with out the coordinates or I'll go out with my usual riding buddies and mark it, then I'll give you the coordinates and you could go find it. What do you think?

Ron, I know your a busy guy but we need to go riding. I wanted to go today but couldn't get anyone to go with. So instead im drinking coffee and listening to some old "Iron Maiden" on the Windows media player waiting for the football game to come on.

Did you mention that you're first in line for the WR450f? I never considered myself a cheater but I will gladly cut in front of you in line to get mine first.

Paul, You've got to go riding with me in the near future. Maybe when you go down to "OC" to visit your son we could all go for a ride. Just a thought.

Dan, thanks for the invite. I'd love to come down for a week-end and go riding. I have already ordered a bigger Clark tank for the KTM! Although, my WR handles the desert real sweet! :) I'll check my calender and send you a private message through TT. Lets get Ron out there with us. I promise Ron my chain will stay on this time and I won't crash! :D Paul


Think that caching on these rides would be an awesome idea!


We haven't had a chance to meet or ride together yet but anyone listening to old Iron Maiden can't be all that bad! I have been a fan since, dare I say it,the early 80's! Very cool! :)


Hi Ron. What’s up?

I’ve actually tried Geo Caching! I thought it would be a fun excuse to get my boys outside on a hike. I found a site not far from Denver that was rated as easy. I parked my truck in the recommended spot and I set my two GPS’s (one for each boy) to the coordinates and started our outing.

I only got about 1 mile from the truck when I hit a major snag. The trail ended on the side of a cliff and my GPS told me to continue along the side of the cliff. Considering my youngest is only 7 and I didn’t feel like dying, we turned around.

That’s too bad because I took a new Colorado Avalanche video to share in the cache.

I think it would be cool to do on a motorcycle trail if you can keep the nature natzi’s out! Keep us informed!

Bryan in Denver …

Ernie, lol, that was the funniest thing I have seen you write. Funny, but twisted. That does give me some ideas for Sierra Club hiker-caching though... :):D

Sounds like we have some interest in this kind of thing, although mentioning the hot springs this soon probably was a bad idea. I should have saved that one for a surprise.

Bryan, you?re the one who turned me on to this geocaching thing in the first place. I've done about a dozen of them and like it, but it would be soooo much better riding to one instead of driving & hiking. As you know, its harder than it sounds.

Ernie has a good point about poking around under rocks. Finding a clever hiding spot will just have to be part of the fun. If its up on top of a killer hill in the middle of nowhere, does it have to be buried or hidden? As long as it is heavy enough so the winds wont blow it away, who is going to find it? Just a logbook and a pencil in a weatherproof container should do. Right?

Another good point by RichB. I don't belong to the mount it on the bars camp. I have a terrible time with instruments on the bars. Enduros are interesting if I'm the guy keeping time. For some reason I get fixated on the computer and forget to watch where I'm going. The panoram gets ignored while on the trail or else a big crash is only seconds away. I use an e-Trex receiver and am working on a way to strap it to my forearm for quick reference. Stopping will be a must for me when trying to navigate.

Dan & Paul, yes you do need to get me out of the darn office. I am jonesing big time to throw a leg over the bike again. Let me get a few rides in before we hook-up. Right now I would just hold you guys up while I try to remember how to ride. What mountain is the coffee can inside a coffee can on? That sounds interesting. Oh yeah, Dan, you can step in front of me in line for the 450 for now, only because you ride far more often than I do these days. That may be changing soon! (I hope)

I am going to try this idea out in the next few weeks, hiding a cache somewhere out in Ernie's neck of the woods (or is that desert?). Lets see what happens. I'll keep you guys posted.

Ron, You didn't really think that I was going to tell you what mountain it's on did you??? Im going there on Sunday and I'll mark it and send you (or anybody else who wants) a "PM" of the weighpoint!! I'll leave you a cool prize inside. I was thinking about putting some cool carbon fiber parts inside- No I'll just put something small in there. This could be fun. If you ever decide to go out there and look make sure you take pictures of the find so we can all enjoy....


Hey Dan and Ron, it is getting to be a busy time of year for me at work. But, I am trying to get our schedule down so I can give you some dates. Hopefully in February or March sometime if that will work for you guys. I bought a toy hauler so I can take my hotel room just about anywhere! :) Paul


I haven't really understood hiding all the junk along with the logsheet. I think the paper and maybe a couple pencils would be fine.

Also agree with you on the GPS, makes it hard to ride and watch at the same time! I have tried wearing mine on a strap around my neck as well as in a pouch attached to the front of my chest protector. How about a HUD like fighter jocks have for bikes??? Could prob put one together for a few mill.

Did you ever see the dirt bike movie Time Rider? The rider had a HUD equipped helmet. Great movie, and the funniest DB movie ever.

Hey Rich, I like the idea of HUD goggles. Are you still riding the two stroke on the street? I have always wondered how you go about getting a smog cert for a two cycle motor here in CA. We have two or three Friday the 13th's this year. I'll check it out and let ya know.

Oh yes, Time Rider. Classic movie. Ever notice how bike riders are always the bad guys in movies and on TV? My personal favorite was the CHIPS episode where a few dirt bikers were strung out on heroin or something and were riding around shooting guns. The CHP guys on their bloated CHP bikes were able to out ride the evil dirt bikers on single-track trails. Also, the sound effects for motorcycles in movies crack me up. One second it's a four stroke, the next it's a two stroke. Sometimes it's both.

Dan in HB, I'll drive. I figure it would take only a few minutes tops to pick you up and drop you off since your in HB too. Maybe we could bum a ride from Paul with his new toy hauler? I've read lots of your posts here and think we would get along just fine. Annoying enviro wackos is just one of my many hobbies. Are you still with Training wheels MC? If I ever find the time I'd love to do a few of their rides.

Dan L, how about a carbon fiber spark plug carrying case for the coffee cans?

I had better get my sorry butt in gear and get back on the bike before you guys kill me out in Mojave. :)


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