Rebuilding front shock...

Ok, so I'm new to motocross riding (only been riding for about 2 months).

I purchased a 2001 YZ426 from a buddy of mine and then I bought some shocks off of ebay. after the first ride, they started to leak once i got back home. it is only the right shock that is leaking. Other than that, the bike runs excellent!

I am in the process of getting the owners manual that will show me how to do everything on my bike but until then, does anyone have a write-up on how to do this? Is it hard? I do all the work on my car so i am pretty mechanically inclined. The shocks are the stock shocks off of another 426.


I am the same as you just Mechanically inclined and I did it a couple of times now its pretty easy.My fork just kept leaking though the lower part of the leg was dented.Sorry I don't have a right up for you though when you get your book it will show you I would check the bushings inside too some people have told me too replace those after some good time on them.

Two fronts shocks?

I just finished doing mine for the first time, and it wasnt too difficult, wait till you get a factory service manual and follow the step by step instructions (with pictures!) also, the "special tool" you need to tear down the dampers.. save yourself 80 bucks and build one like the link below shows! i didnt do it myself, but thanks to Grayracer513 he put this link on.

Good luck and be patient! dont dent a tube! and the seal driver tool.. well i was able to make do with a hammer and a 1/4" allen wrench and allot of soft tapping around the seal till it seated down in.. it worked for me, they dont leak and feel like a million bucks now!! :applause:

I did this awhile back with greyracer and the manuals help.

Its not that hard to do once you get started. First of all, the front shocks are generally called the forks. The leak is probably dirt that has gotten into the oil seal, or possible the oil seal was damaged by a ding in the tube.

There is a post in the tech articles section on how to use a tear-off to clean debris from your oil seal. If that doesnt work its into the fork you go.

I'm not sure the differences from your 01 and my 03, but you are going to need an oil seal and might as well put a dust seal on there while your at it. (I would go ahead and do both tubes, but thats just me)

The manual will help alot, but heres a simplified version:

Remove fork tube/tubes from bike (after breaking caps loose)

Remove cap from fork tube

then actually remove the cap from the rod thats in there

Pull the spring out

Remove dust seal and clip that retains oil seal

Yank outer tube off of innertube

Replace the seals

Put it back together.

It takes a bit of work but isnt that bad once you do it. Also your going to want a jug of fork oil, as your going to loose quite a bit in the process. My guidelines above arent exact (didnt really think through it step by step) but just a general idea of whats ahead of ya.

Also, if your just doing the seals then you dont need the rod remover shown above. You will need a fork seal driver though, which can easily be made from a 1.5 in rubber pipe joint (that slides over two 1.5in pipes and clamps down to seal)

Fork Seal How-to (it's a 250F, but it's the same fork)

Download a free manual Here. Most aren't printable, and they're multilingual, but they're free, and you can have it now.

Buy a real seal driver. They're about $40-60, and are well worth it.

WOW! Thanks A LOT for all the information guys. I'm hoping in a few months i will be able to contribute back to this forum to help people out.

Thanks again. I really do appreciate it!


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