Magura clutch on 2004 YZ450F

I bought my bike used and it had hydraulic Magura clutch on it. Problem is that it is really hard to pull. My friend has the same bike with original cable clutch and thats like silk glow to pull!

I need to use at least 2 fingers to pull the lever. With one finger (index finger) it`s almost impossible.

I know hydraulic clutches should be really easy to pull, but I have it backwards :applause:

Hopefully somebody can help me with this!

Search this a bit. There was a thread a while ago in which an experienced member went over some master cylinder options to cure this.

I searched, but I got only posts like:"Wow, that`s so easy!"

Maybe you could point me to the right thread?

I really don`t want to be the first person in history to change from hydraulic clutch to cable clutch! :applause:

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