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DR350SE Rear Tire Size

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Looking for a rear tire for the '99 DR350SE that I just bought.

What's the largest off road DOT tire that will fit? Looking for a good off road tire that will still hold up and perform OK on the road.

I love the Metzeler Karoo on my DR650 but the smallest size available is a 140/80-18. Will that squeeze in on the 350 or is it too big? I know the downsides of running a wider tire, just want to know if it will fit without issues.

I have a 90/90-21 Pirelli Scorpian Pro DOT available for the front, so I may just go with the Scorpian Pro for the rear as well. Anyone tried the Scorpian? It is available in a 120/90 as well as the 140/80.



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