2007 Xr650l

...new to the forum and new to the XR650L (I finally bought one after wanting one for a long, long time)...

I know that there are hundreds of threads on this stuff already, but I want to be sure it applies to the '07s also.

First, do "Dave's Mods"/uncorking instructions apply to the 2007? I assume the carbs are the same, but I want to be sure.

Secondly where can I get a good deal on a full exhaust system for the '07, and will XR650R exhaust systems work on an L?

Third, does anyone know of a chart that shows how my fork should be set up for my weight, riding style etc.? (I noticed she dives pretty heavy in the soft stuff.)

And finally, if anyone has the link to modifying the stock exhaust that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

yes, yes and no. LOL no really the XR650L has remained virtually unchanged for many years including your 07 (except for BNG, bold new grpahics) Much like you, I wanted one ever since they came out in 1993, in 2005 I finally got it. It was okay stock and I had alot of fun breaking it in that way (stock). But all of the posts were correct and magazines editorials also, lean-lean-lean. The motorhead in me got the best of me and I pulled the smog off - bought an IMS block off kit for that. Then I installed a Uni air filter, tossed the paper one. Next a Baja Designs skid plate. Acrebis fork naf front disc brake guard. Dynojet kit, (went with a 165 main and a 55 Kehin pilot and used the dynojet needle and spring - I did not drill the slide - 2 1/4 turns out on the air fuel screw) and lastly a White Brothers E-2 pipe. Now it starts EZ idles immediately and has GREAT throttle response, very crisp. Pulls harder and sounds authorotative :-) lofts the front end in 2nd at the blip of the throttle. I also installed Dunlop D606's great in the dirt and ok oin the street just sing like hell.

There's very, very little similar from a parts perspective between an XR650R and the XR650L.

Dave's mods are great. IMO regearing is also a requirement if the bike will be used off road at all. Watch for deals on pipes on ebay. I have an FMF Q slip on I picked up new for $200. On a stock motor, my opinion is the headpipe is fine with a slip-on muffler.

Go to Race Tech's website and you can use their spring calculator to figure out what you need. Pretty good chance you'll want heavier fork springs, I think the stock shock spring is good for riders up to around 190 pounds.

Just start doing searches and plan on spending some time reading. Everything you want to know is here. There's also some good info on www.4strokes.com

Enjoy your L

welcome to TT. I will say it again the best exhaust out there for the L is the xrs only full stainless system!!!!:applause:www.xrsonly.com.

For the forks try adding a few ml's of fork oil to each leg. 10 ml's make a noticable difference. You can also change it out for a heavier oil, also there are heavier springs available, how much do you want to spend?


Mostly do a few mods and enjoy yourself, keep the oil changed, she will run a long time!

Don't waste your time modifying the stock exhaust, its a waste of time. But you can take a small grinder and remove the spot weld on the baffle in the end of the silencer, remove the bolt's and baffle she will be a bit louder and leaner,:applause: (run hotter too) without carb mods!

Thanks for all the info guys. I'll break her in while she's stock and then start doing some mods. I'll probably start with a good skidplate and a better rear tire. Then I'll stiffen up the front end and look into the exhaust and carb mods. Any good advice on re-gearing that would help off-road and not take away all of my top end and gas mileage for the street?

I just bought an 07 myself. I would highly recommend regearing & Dave Mod's.

Ditto on a new 07 here! The only thing I differ on is that in my opinion first gear is too low to begin with so I won't be regearing. But then again I'm mostly used to street bikes and ride more on the street. Daves mods definitely a must.

Daves mods will make it run cooler and better thats where I would start. And there allmost free.

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