MX-Tuner...Tanks alot !!!!


I just finished putting on my 2002 Factory Effex graphics kit and your advise was spot-on.... I did just what you said and cut out a 3/4" strip from the backing and taped the graphics into place. Then peeled back the 3/4" strip from the backing, pressed it into place and worked it out from the center one side at a time, removing the backing material as you go and working it out with a credit card. These graphics went on great with no air bubbles, no windex, no soapy water. :D I hope that I will be just as pleased with the revalve you are doing on my forks, can't wait to get them back. :D Great advise... We will call this the MXT graphics MOD....LOL :D:D:) Thanks again.


Excuse me please, what does it take to get Tuner to do your suspension?

I tried emailing him but got no response.

I hope I didn't peave him...

Glad the graphics worked out.

SFO,try e-mailing me again. I never got the first one.


Ask and you shall find... Good luck with your suspension. I'm confident my forks will be perfect. I have read alot of great things about Tuner's work on TT. Also, He gave me some great advise on how to perform the MXT graphics MOD. :) Later....

Pete :D

MXTuner loves installing graphics. He is the best stickerman I have ever used! He really like the DecalWorks preprinted background/numbers. If enough of us can get him to install for us, lets get him to fly all over the country. HA HA, Sorry, Mark!

He is actually really good at correctly lining up numbers on side plates & matching tank graphics w/ seat covers. Oh, he does know his stuff on suspensions too.

Pete, your forks are in the mail. They left today. They would have left yesterday if I had been able to find the packing tape sooner.

Dave, you're a funny, funny guy. Guess where I'll stick your preprinted backgrounds.....

My Suspension by "MXTUNER" is awesome.....Mark, I did Kentuck yesterday....Completely dialed in now...Saw many crashes in the mud...I had zero crashes...suspension was perfect....Rocks,Roots, Logs no longer an issue.

Hows That? Can I get a discount on my valve adjustment now?

Seriously.....Mark does GREAT Suspension work...I know..because I'm the pickiest SOB on the trail.

Thanks Dude....

Bonzai :)

Mark, when I pull those preprinted decals out of my @$$, will you do the BK Mod on my WR? Also want to put those S12's on........when are we going trailing again GUYS??????


Thanks for the fast service, I can't wait !!!!! The bike is really looking good, new graphics, new guts tall seat and comp. seat cover. Also, about the S12 rear, what would that size be a 130/?-18 ??? Thanks for all the help. :)


My suspension works great too... I used MX Tuner's recommended valve stack (for the forks)and it works great! Later,


I'd use a 140-18 rear on your 400.


Would that be a 140/80-18 and a 90/90-21 Front?

Pete :)

There should be only one 21" front tire available. I'm not sure of the exact size.

Have you got your forks yet?


They showed up today but I was not home to receive them. So I will pick them up at our local post office on Monday.Also,is that rear tire size correct? Thanks and I will keep you informed.

Pete :)

There is only one 140 width 18" rear Michelin for any particular model. Same with the 21" front. It sounds like a big tire but your WR can hadle it no problem at all.

And yes, keep me posted.

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