250 vs. 450...the final word!

I thought that lowering the wr would decrease handling but from looking at the general questions it looks like it may do me some good.

I am 5'9" and I have a 450. Do you think lowering would help handling for me?

I am 5-9 and had mine lower 1.5 inches to stop with the slow speed tip overs in the uber-technical stuff I seem to like to ride. Funny thing is that I really banged that skid plate on a lot of stuff with the lower bike.

regarding handling, it does turn just a little better, however, the rear suspension will be an absolute mess. It will be bouncy and all over the place. You will trade your handling issues for a sore back, trust me on that.

I had mine set back to stock and had the seat shaved just a little. Then, I had the suspension setup properly by a pro and dropped the forks in the clamps by a little. it handles great now. Regarding my low speed tip overs, I now try to avoid stopping in places where I can't get my foot down.

Lowering the bike is not the answer to handling issues.

Thanks for the feedback.

If your grinning ear to ear at the end of the day the bike is doing it's job. I have had days where I was really worked wrestling the 450 but I was still grinning:busted: My '06 steel framed pig is fun in the tight stuff too:excuseme: I guess I'm really missing out lugging this heavy thing around sometimes. OH well!

What do you mean by "chuggability" and "bulletproof valvetrain"?

I have a 2008 wr250r. I want more power and better suspension. I was thnking of buying a wr426 dualsport. The wrr dualsport is 300lbs. I was wondering how the 426 will handle compared to it. Even though the 426 is lighter will it "feel" heaver do to the higher center of gravity? do you think its a good switch to make?

What about the WR450F vs. a WR250R. I'm thinking of picking up a 450 cuzz I want the awesome power over the 250r.

Am I crazy:bonk: :worthy:

Will a PB FMF Header mate with a Yoshi RS2 slip on? Is this a pointless mod? I have an irrational aversion to all things stock....and I have a wee little 250 coupled with

power envy.

Will a PB FMF Header mate with a Yoshi RS2 slip on? Is this a pointless mod? I have an irrational aversion to all things stock....and I have a wee little 250 coupled with

power envy.

Struggling to see the relationship between your question and the thread. I suggest creating your own thread to have this question answered.

250 vs. 450. I have a 250 and I'm envious/jealous of machines with bigger displacement. I'm looking to squeeze in a little more horsepower...kind of a stretch for this thread I suppose. Sorry to offend, big guy.

Just out of curiosity, are the 250's all choked up the same as the 450's from the factory?

Seems like you only hear of the 450's needing all the free mods.

If they are, the free mods, a pipe, and a set of hot cams, or yz cams will do wonders to your WR250 (assuming they have the same affect as they do on the 450's)

450 all the way>if you can control it grow some balls.what, there like 5 kilos heavier max and there sick dawg. 250 or boring

450, got back into riding after 23 yrs. the last time i rode was in 1986, had a 1985 three wheeler. so i bought a wr450 after about 2 weeks i felt real good on it and i am 46. my son is 22 now, and we bought him a 06 wr450 and the only thing he ever tried was a little xr 50 and a quad. peple say they have alot of power but it is user friendly. he is glad we didn't buy him a wr250 he is 6' about 160 lbs. we love them, and we both have the mods done, we've only been riding them for a little over a year, we blow by the 250's

I love my 450, its great in the desert, and hill climbs, it is a handfull in the tight stuff and endurox tracks, so next year im gonna keep the 450 and buy a new YZ250f, and convert it for enduro use... the WR250f, seems a bit meek for racing..

What is each bikes top speed? Will the 250 out jump the 450 because it is lighter or will the 450 out jump the 250 because it has more power? My riding style is sometimes beginner but can be advanced and I like to ride wide open desert and tight woods, which bike should I get? If I bore out my 250 and put in a hot cam will it make my 250 as fast as a 450? What pipe should I get...Gray wire...Throttle stop...Glowing Header...:cheers::moon:

no - you wil never get the 250 faster than the 450- but 99% cant ride a 250 to its max anyway, so it doesnt really matter, and weight difference 5kg... no big deal either

450 for me. a 250 is fun to ride cos it feels light and you can throw it around but i just love the 450 cos you know its got balls and will take you anywhere, were as on a 250 you've got to be on the boil to climb big hills etc.

For me, the 450 is a better beginners bike, you just have to respect it. The 250 more a specialist mount. For trail riding i dont think the 450 can be beat, it just lugs along at any pace and one twist of the throttle and its all smiles.

I reckon it depends on your terrain more than anything. Around my area its mainly desert racing - quite open, whooped out and sandy. Even on trail rides it's the same sort of terrain. Less stress on the motor on a 450 in those situations as it's not revving its tits off all day through sand and open terrain. Also good for lazy people like myself - can just torque it out of situations rather than changing gears or giving the clutch a caning. As already mentioned, most can't get the most out of a 250. We've had quick guys on 250s on our rides that just blew us away. It's just a comfort thing. Just my two bobs worth.

I bought the 450 and I love it. I'm an old guy and we only have 4 or 5 enduros in a year and for everyday trail riding I like the 450. I can ride it anywhere. I think it is more versitile. If I was just trying to target enduros or other tight woods racing the 250 or other small bore ,well suspended bike may be a better choice.

I have a 07 WR450 and a 07 WR 250, I like them both. I ride the 250 on hard pack and rocky rides, the 450 in Mexico on loose wide open stuff. I feel faster on the 250 pretty much everywhere, except the sand or wide open areas. The 250 doesn’t beat you up and it seems like you can ride it forever, the 450 takes a little more out of you. The 250 needs to be in the power band, so it needs to be ridden and shifted a little more aggressively than the 450.

If you don’t ride the 450 pinned or rarely get it into 5th gear, you probably would be happy on a 250 for most situations.

ive got a 426 01 im 16 165cm and 50kg and i handle it fine in the forest/woods

Wonder if this can be updated with differences now....

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