Power Difference between 2007 YZ450F and WR450F

Hi Guys

Just wondering what the power difference between the 2007 models YZ450F and WR450F. Does the WR have much of a noticible deficit, or is it just in the way the power is delivered?

Also, if there is a big difference, can the WR be modifed to make it on par with the YZ?



My buddies with YZ450s have yet to beat my WR in a drag race from a standing still run.:applause:

The WR is sneaky fast! Even the SX guys use a WR cam in the YZ.:applause:

If you really want more power you will need to go to bigger valves with higher lift cams.

I though that it was the oposite.

they change WR to an YZ cam?

regards, fLAVIO

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