WR450F '05 Stalling far to easily

I recently bought a 2005 WR450F with very low mileage.

The original owner had done all the peformance mods as discussed often on this forum, including, the throttle stop, grey wire, taken out the baffle from the exhaust - but not fitted a replacement. The performnace seems excellent.

The problem I have is that the engine stalls too easily, no drama I'll turn up the engine idle speed thinks I.

But I cant find the correct speed of idle adjustment because when it is set to stop the engine stalling, this idle speed is such the the bike wants to "run away" on a closed throttle, not at all amusing down a gnarly singletrack downhill.:applause:

All jets as per standard Aussie 2005 model.

Anybody else seen this problem on their bikes?

What is the most likely cause and remedy?


Clean the Carburetor!

I agree with Cannon, you'd be suprised how much junk ends up in your carb. A couple of times a year I throughly spray carb cleaner thruought my carb. I've also upped the idle just a wee tad to avoid stalls, my clutch grab isn't as fast as it once was!!

I used to think the same thing on my 05 wr450.

1. always cover the clutch with the middle finger so that you can avoid shutting the bike off.

2. be carefull with the rear brake. When going slow (downhills?), be carefull with the rear. Touching that rear brake when lugging the bike will always shut it off.

3. go faster. Stay on the gas a little, even when going downhill and your bike won't stall.

4. if its a gnarly downhill and your bike stalls, don't let that bother you. You are probably in second anyways (hopefully). Let off the clutch and it will start right up.

If you are doing gnarly downhills, it sounds as if you are having fun!

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