Cam Cover gasket leaking oil

HI all...

I just had this all gone through last year and now after a few days worth of riding I've noticed that oil is leaking on the right side just below the half circular rubbers. (gasket)

What would the fix be since I know it's new since last year and I have this problem? Tighten bolts? Sealant?

Help and TIA!

it depends on the condition of the gasket. If it's aworn then get a new gasket. If it looks good, you could use a little silicon sealant. I would pull the gasket off and give it a good inspection.

The silicon RTV sealant you can typically buy from auto parts stores basically sucks for this kind of application, according to a life long professional master mechanic with over 35 years of experience (me). If you get some of the stuff that GM sells as silicon sealer, it's much better, but the only people liable to pay what they want for it are those of us who have used it. You really need to be convinced of it's worth to cough the kind of money they want.

Alternatively, a good "contact cement" type of automotive gasket sealer works well with rubber seals like this, and #3 "Aviation" Permatex is excellent, albeit a little messy if you aren't careful.

With the YZF cam cover, all you really need is a gasket in good shape, and just enough contact sealer to stick it to the cover so that it stays where it should be long enough to be assembled, and that should hold oil perfectly. Yours may be cut or shrunk.

Thanks GR...I'll give it a shot. Since it's basically new, who knows what the shop did to the gasket upon installation.

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