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weird jetting issue

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OK, i bought a 2003 CR250 used and i just got to get the bike hot today.

There is spooge dripping out the silencer and the stinger onto the swingarm.

when i rode the bike it was running really lean. it was knocking. i gave it half choke and the knock went away, so im pretty sure its jetting.

off idle there isnt much power at all. like, no power.

i didnt get t revved way up, so im not sure how the main jet is.

so, im thinking the pilot is really rich, and i need to drop the clip a notch. does that sound right? it smokes a lot at idle too.

mix is 40:1

the guy i bought it from said the ain was lean too because he rides high elevation.

the bike has a FMF gnarly pipe on it, other than that it's stock.

i will pull the carb tonight and post some #'s and check the filter.

anything else?



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The main jet is a 410, and the pilot says 27.5 on it.

the air screw is 1 1/8 turns out

its on the FIRST!!:applause: clip. i think i found my problem.

you think i should put it on the 2nd or 3rd clip? that carb isnt the most fun to put in/out.

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