AZ to CA registration of 1993 Dual Sported XR600R

I'm thinking about buying a 93 XR600R in AZ. It is dual sported there. Can I transfer the AZ title in CA at the DMV? Just walk in and transfer it and get a CA plate? Is this a problem? I know about the 7500 mile rule but since its a 1993 model that should not be a problem. :applause:

Thanks in advance.

It's a problem. You might get lucky, but already having a plate doesn't matter. The 343 form for registration has a VIN verification section. In that there is a set of check boxes for the emissions sticker. The sticker needs to say "on road emissions for 1993." Since it doesn't you don't get a plate. However, sometimes the person doing the VIN verification makes a mistake and checks the wrong box.


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