front end wacked

The other day I went down when my front wheel slid alog a long while i was crossing it diagnally in third gear and it washed FAST! lol i hit my head on a tree and BROKE my helmet!:applause: But anyways it twisted my forks in the clamps and i straightened them out and it looks dead on straight. But when i got on the bike something still feels crooked. It seems like the bars are bent but they look straight as new as well as the forks and they are 120 dollar PRO TAPERS so i dont think they are bent ive never bent a set even in high speed mx endos, but does anyone have any idea what may be causing it to feel out of line? Thanks

do u have aftermarket triple clamps with rubber bar mounts , that could be your problem

If the bars are bent just a little bit you won't be able to see it, but you will be able to feel it. If you don't want to buy new ones, then you could just keep riding with them and you will get used to it. The problem with that is that if you get new ones later they will feel crooked to you and you will have to readjust again. Another thing could be the front wheel is a little crooked in the clamps as well as your fender is a little tweaked, making it look like everything is straight. One final thing, if you have triple clamps where the bar mounts are seperate from the triple clamp, those can tweak. You can try loosening the bar mounts and then tightening them again.

So do i loosen the bar mounts at the top mount or do i loosen the where they hold the bars? Then all i have to do is tighten them back down? Is there any way i can make sure i do have the wheel straight? and yes they are rubber mounted

You should be able to get results from loosening one clamp where it clamps to the bar, provided the bar mounts are two pieces, not connected to each other.

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