XR600 Tinkering...

Been doing a few things to the XR:

Once I had finished checking the valves for the first time since buying the bike I decided to keep playing...

After another user mentioned he had used Krylon Fusion paint I copied his suggestion and did my old faded white side panels:


I also painted the Headlight shroud black.

Here I am using some old BBQ paint on the exhaust while it's still on the bike:


I also took the Carb apart and inspected it for the first time:


Here were the Carb #'s :

Pilot - 1 3/4 turns out

Slow - 62

Main - I can't find any number on this except a small " 140RD " stamped on it. Is that a stock number from Honda for a certain size stock jet ? The inside of the carb/jets looked very clean :applause:

I will update the thread as I get the bike back together !

I see everything in the carb, but the one part that is known to fail and do damage. Check the choke plate. The little flapper breaks off and gets sucked into the engine. On mine the flap was ready to break off. The rest of the choke plate had a crack almost all the way through it.

That main seems to be way too small. I think that I'm running a 68 pilot and a 158 main.

Anyone know how well that Krylon fusion holds up?

Anyone know how well that Krylon fusion holds up?

The Krylon holds up very well but will scratch up after a while. Surface prep of the item to be painted is the key. Make sure that ALL the grease and dirt is removed, use lacquer thinner or acetone for a final cleaning. A light buffing with a Scotchbrite pad will help the paint adhere. I have also used Rust-Oleum plastic primer on the plastic followed by a couple of coats of regular spray enamel, looks good but doesn't last as long as the Krylon.

Slim Shadetree, I found that the Duplicolor engine enamal to paint my plastic. It seems to hold up alot better than the Fussion painy. I've laid my bike down and hasn't scratched at all. you just have to prep the surface really good. Check it out at http://www.putfile.com/cbaranski all the black is painted and its really a thick paint. it works the best when you paint the parts outside in the sunlight and let it bake on for a day out in the sun.

Ok I said I would update a pic when it was back together:


ended up cleaning the carb, checking what jets I have. :applause: first carb job for me!

some cleaning of the bike

valves adjusted

painting panels

gastank / petcock filter cleaned

i will have owned the bike for one year this April since then I've learned soo much about my bike. Now with the coming spring weather it's just time to enjoy it and RIDE :eek:

Nice job & Nice grass. Time to roost it up!

Why didnt you just take the exhaust off. I took mine off in less than ten minutes and painted it. Also had some Ford engine red paint so i sprayed the exhaust gaurd with that, came out pretty good if i get around to it i might post a picture

P.s i have the exact same bike as you, minus the black side covers, and its street legal in MI

ok here it is, i dont know if i like it or not but i was bored and had some red heat paint. The black heat paint kind of changed colors after one ride



great bike deelong ! i didn't take the exhaust off because I don't like to play with exhaust bolts. too many bad memories. that's why i didn't take the manifold off and grind away some of the welds inside. the 600 is plenty powerful in stock trim for me at this point.


that grass is finally getting sun after many months of cold, rain, wind, snow, more rain, and then rain again. Rain right now and for the next five days; I expect to find Frodo Baggins taking a walk back there.

Is it worth grinding away the welds on the inside of the exhaust? I looked at those when i was painting it and was like "maybe i should clean those up they look a little large" but i didnt want to weaken the flange and have my pipe break

bike looks sharp :bonk: like the video too...

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