Muffler questions, 06 wr450

Im rather new to bikes, and even newer to tuning bikes. I have an 06 wr450 that I need to get a new exhaust for. I am using the bike in a race setting and am only limited my a sound rating of 110 db at 20 inches away from the outlet.

Ive got about 450$ to spend on the muffler and dont really know where to start. Ive talked to a few people and from what I've heard FMF is the one of the better manufacturers. Ive been looking at their factory 4 mufflers as they are in my price range, and from what ive researched is a pretty good muffler.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for me to look at, or any experience with high end mufflers and would still be within the insanely loud 110db mark that im limited to? Thanks very much.


I have the white bros e2 slip on which can be used both in a race application and can be made to meet California sound regs. It comes with the quiet core which does not cut power all that much as I have experienced with other exhausts. My buddy has the Dr D which is the same way both of these are very good in my opinion and they are both in that price range.

At that price, you are definitely looking for a slip on instead of an entire exhaust system

You can get a procircuit or an fmf race pipe, both of which are excellent. THey are both local to socal also. I have the fmf factory 4 and it makes excellent power up and down the rpm range.

110db is pretty damn loud. That almost doesn't seem right. 110db is like saying "we don't care how loud you are".

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