yz450F engine noise?

Hey is anybody's yz450 engine noise quite loud? Mine has a real loud knocking noise. People reckon thats just how they are. Are they loud or will mine blow up soon. I do look after it.

How many hrs are recommeded to change oil if not racing?

I just got a used 06 YZ450f. I was riding it and when I stopped, I noticed a loud knocking / tapping. It didn't sound right to me and I was a little paranoid about the used bike. I still had my old bike and so I went and got it. It's an 03 YZ450f I have owned for two years. I started it and warmed it up. It actually has the same noise only a little louder even. I just never noticed it. I also have an 05 honda crf250r. It's not as loud but still makes quite a bit of rattle compared to a buick at a red light.

It's a little hard to say, since we can't hear yours, but they aren't the quietest engines made. Best bet is to listen to a couple of others for comparison.

They are pretty loud normally. When it's in neutral idling does the sound get quieter when you pull the clutch in?

My 06 yz450 makes the same knocking noise and i dont know what is causing it either. My dad just got a new 06 and it doesnt make the noise but i change my oil every 4 hours according to my hour meter and i check the valves once a month so i dont know. I have learned to ignore it because the bike still rips!:applause:

i got the same knocking noise that you guys have, i just learned to stoping hearing it, i dont think its anything to worry about

ride on :applause:

Isn't that where the "thumper" nickname came from? That's what I've heard anyway.

No that's not where the thumper nickname came from. Search onward for that. Anyway. My brother just got an 07 450f and we started it for the first time yesterday. It makes the same exact noise as my 03, and my 06. It's actually a noise which I would really be worried about if it wasn't in all the bikes. It's a loud (to me) knocking noise which seems to be bottom end or crank / piston / rod related noise but it's normal and we just need to ride and make it part of the positive instead of trying to figure it out.

my 05 is noisy.

My Buell is also noisy.

Noisy compared to a car or even compared to an I4 street bike.

But like Gray said you need to compare with other similar bikes which I guess is the purpose of this thread..

I thought they were called thumpers because a 4 stroke high compression big bore single cylinder engine makes a charactertic thumping sound from the exhaust :applause:

Yeah, I had heard the same thing. How about a clue blue9red9?:applause:

"Thumper" is a reference to the sound of the exhaust under power. It's not so obvious anymore because of the way modern bikes rev, but back in the day, big single produced their power at 3000-6000, or lower, and were lucky to survive a brush with 8000 rpm at all, in most cases. On the big ones, you felt like you could almost count how many times they fired on a climb.

I don't usually have a clue but the bergarabia explanation is what I was thinking. I just knew a cool nickname wouldn't come from a knocking noise usually associated with something coming apart. But hey, I have this noise thing figured out. As I stated I put three YZ450F bikes side by side, an 03 creampuff, an 06 which has the most time on it of the three and a brand new 07 never started since in the dealer showroom. They all made the same noise so I'm done with it. I shall consider the noise part of the majic from now on. It's loud and you can certainly hear it at idle with your helmet on. It's sort of a thumping noise? ha ha.

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