07 WR450 throttle stop question

Does anyone know if you can get to the throttle stop on the 07 WR without pulling the carb? I know for jetting etc you have to lift the subframe and remove the shock but if just getting to the throttle stop what needs to be done?

Thanks in advance

I recall someone posted a while back that you can get to it using three 12 inch ratchet extensions from under the bike.

I did it and wish I had'nt. You can hardly even see or feel it. After pulling the exhaust and loosining the shock so it moves just a little you can get a wrench in there. If you are able to crack it loose it takes many little 1/8 turns with knuckle bashing cussin. Do your self a favor and go in from behind!

I did it last night without removing the carb in about an hour with a 2 year old hidding tools. Unbolt sideplates, sub-frame, shock and bellow and it's an easy to get to allen screw. Cut 12mm off and put it back together.

Thanks for the info guys. Does not sound like to much work.

Just did, finished less then 10 min. ago. Remove the exhaust, take about a 12" extension for your socket (add another 3" to make it easier) and come up beside the shock. I didn't know for sure what I was getting myself into at first, but trust me it's no big job. Use a drop light or one of those little fancy headlights and you can see just fine. I did the throttle, air, and exhaust in less then an hour, and I am no where close to being a mechanic. Didn't get to ride it but she sure does sound a lot better.

Thanks for the advice. Only problem is it sounds like a less than two beer job the way you did it.

Thanks to all again.

Either way, you have to remove things to change the throttle stop. While you have the carb out, you can change the needle, air screw, etc much easier. Buy the AIS Removal kit and install it per the instructions. Check the jetting sticky thread to find the exact combo for your riding conditions. Once this is done, main jet tuning is probably all you will need to do which does not require carb removal.

Changed the throttle stop without removing anything. I used a long hex wrench(5")and came in from the left side. It was a pain but it can be done.

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