2001 yzf426 graphics

Just bought a 2001 yzf426 and need new graphics for it, Please help and can graphics from other yz or yzf models fit the 2001. Seems to me their aren't alot of options that I can find out there but I am new to this. so any thing would help.


I think One Industries still makes them for the 426's

...can graphics from other yz or yzf models fit the 2001. (?)
No, the tank and shrouds are quite different.

There are some out there, but it takes some research to find them. I bought some from BTO sports last year for a 2000 426, I think I saw some in this years Rocky Mountain's catalog. Look hard and you can find some.

thanks for the help it is appreciated

Flu Designs.. just got a full set for a 2000 YZ426..

I will second the FLU Design graphics.

Great, and inexpensive.

Check my garage for photos.

I really like the HOT WHEELS. They are awesome!!!

Yes I got the 2006 Hot Wheels and I do like them also.

I bought the FLU set as well and am very happy with them - My bike is posted in the garage if you would like to take a look - best of luck

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