what gearing?

I currently am running the stock gearing, but would like a little more grunt on bottom. Most of my riding is in the desert but we climb every hill we can find. Any suggestions on a good set up for climbing hills? We have some really nasty ones up here in Idaho that I would like to be able to get up a little further. My bike right now is completly stock except the baffle and lid removed ( I cut the grey wire but started fouling plugs like mad so I put it back ). Any help at all would be appreciated.


Drop your counter sprocket down one to 13 teeth. This will lower all your gears (great for steep, narly hills) and still leave you enough top speed for you to get scared. It's probably your easiest fix.

Try a Flywheel weight. You can get them from 8 oz to 12 oz. I have an 8 on my stock timed WR, and it helps a lot. You can chug along better without stalling. I would have gone 12oz, but 8 was all that was available at the time.

a flywheel weight a juice clutch and 14/50 gearing are all you need. oh and for the jetting to be spot on as well!


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I hope to get my gearing changed before spring. What is the cost of a flywheel weight not sure if I will have the money for it, as I am going to get a pipe before this spring as well. As for my jetting I am trying to find someone around here that could help me with that as I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to that stuff.

Farmboy, if you get a new pipe you will want to rejet the pig. I put a new pipe on mine but I didn't rejet for a few months and I wish I had. I found out that stock I was jetted too lean even w/o a new pipe, now with new jetting and the E-series it is like learning the bike all over again. I never knew how big a difference the jetting would makwe.


now come on which comes first!

one cures problems and the other creates them. get your gearing and flywheel weight done first and act your age and not your shoe size.


That's good Taffy....Slap the rookie around...Thats a great confidence builder.... :)

Farmboy.... I'd be happy to help you out, E-mail me direct if you have questions. :D

Bonzai :D

going 13 on the front is harder on your chain and on your chain guide and sprockets. Go 14/52 or 53. that is tha best wa to gear down your bike. But then again i have only had 5or6 people tell me this. I still have a 13 on the front. But i did buy new sprockets and a chain for this spring. So i went 14/52.

2000 Wr,stockfront, 52 rear, white bros. e-series muffler, stockhead pipe. everything else is stock. this is a hillclimbing machine. can start out in 2cnd gear if needed and have 1rst there if you need it.

hill climbing in second. Wow i thought that third was low. I love the power of these machines

Well I got new sprockets on my bike. I went just bought a 13 front and a 52 rear so I can see which way I like it best. I haven't found anyone around here that can help me with my jetting but I am going to try the dealer in a town nearby. I would try it myself but I don't want to ruin my bike. I have another question what does the flywheel weight do exactly? I would guess that it slows down the revs some and helps you not to stall. I don't really have a problem with stalling my bike so just curious if it will help me some other way. Thanks for all your great help.

where is howe?

never heard of it. I myself am in Coeur D alene ID. i may be able to help. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know where you are.


Howe is about 80 miles west of Idaho Falls. If you know where the I.N.E.L. is we are right by it. I am quite a long ways from couer D alene. Howe is way out in the middle of nowhere, my nearest neighbor is 6 miles away. I have been going over my manual trying to figure out the carb, so maybe I will be able to figure out what I am doing. Thanks for everyones help.


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