wr426 stator magneto help me please!

i recently replaced the cam chain on my 2001 wr426 and when i put it back together now it wont start. i have no spark at the spark plug. ive tested just about everything and for some reason i dont get a "sourse coil 1 resistance" i have added a picture of the shop manual so you can see what they are suppose to be. is there any way that i can rebuild this stator or another way to check and make sure this is the problem before i spend $200 on a new one? thanks in advance for your help!

pick-up coil resistance = 272

source coil 1 resistance = no reading

source coil 2 resistance = 567


I do not know of another way of testing but have you followed those wires from the plug back to the stator/origin to ensure they are connected. Perhaps you could test at the stator/origin connections, maybe you have a broken wire.

Having just rewound my stator coil myself, i sympathise with your problem, as i don't think i'm getting a spark either.

Have printed off your pdf and i shall do some meter testing also.

ya i have checked the wires and they are good. its somewhere in the coil that the brown and green wire go into. i thought about trying to rewind this thing but i believe i will just buy a new one as i found them for $153 new and most places charge that much just to redo one.

tvrjohn, i have the yamaha shop manual for the 2001 wr426. if you need any other information from it just PM me and i'll try and help you out.

ive just done the exact same changing cam chain ithink wen pulling the flywheel of the screws that u screw into the flywheel from the puller have gone through to far and cracked or chipped the resin blobs beetween the wire coils is this repairable or is it a new stator wire seems intact any help thanks

well i started taking mine apart to try and fix it but never could find any damage other than the broken resin like you are saying. even pushing on the wires didnt help to make any contact so i just went ahead and ordered the new stator. it seams i did the exact same thing as you. im definatley shortening those screws to the puller i made. :applause:

You did attach the ground wire coming from the coil to the frame right? I did that once, only once. :applause:

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