Choosing between 2003 KX250 and 2000 KX250

I am old 38 and returning to riding with my son now that he is getting a bike. I have narrowed my choice down to a 2003 KX250 that shows some wear and needs a few things simple things but nevertheless I feel they should of been fixed $2000.00. The other one is a 2000 KX250 that is show room condition hardly ever ridden and he says runs like brand new said he rode it the first year he bought in 2000 and then only a couple times a year after that and he is an older guy like me price is $1800.00. So is there that big of a difference between the two. I don't think I would notice if there was. Which would you guys choose. I will not be racing unless I try a harescramble or 2 but mostly riding on a farm in the woods and occasional track.



I would definately get the 03. with two strokes thiers not much that can go wrong so if its been riden more thats ok. plus its only 200 more! I almost got a 2003 kx250 about 6 months ago, but decided to get a kxf250.:applause:

I disagree with the post above. Not much can go wrong that you can see, I'll agree to that.

Many have bought 2 strokes and had to rebuild bottom end and top end shortly after buying it which can cost a prety penny. Same with 4 strokes and valve issues. I was at the part counter the other day ordering KIPS parts and the guy in frot of me had to buy all new valves for is KX250F.

As far as differences in 00/03, the 00 has progresive suspension and the 99-00 years were criticized for overly plush suspension. For me, that is just what I want and the rocker ratio can be changed by adding an 02 linkage bit to improve it. Again will you notice this... likley not. Do you plan on hitting tripples from 25 feet up... likley not.

The 03 has a different frame and is a bit more narrow and suspension in no longer progresive. Ergonomics are updated a bit but they were pretty good in 00 people say so not sure how much difference that makes to rank amatures like myself.

The temptation is always to go for the newer bike. From what I am hearing based on your needs get the bike in better shape. It will likley need nothing. Otherwise you have to look at rebuilding shocks, rebuilding forks, new wheel bearings, new suspension bearings etc... Some people actually thing you can dog a bike for years and those parts last forever. Just not so. How many people take apart the suspension and grease it. almost none. Dry worn out seals and slung out grease costs money to correct if you look for it. Of course it is just as easy to not look for it. Not looking for it is not the same as nothing ever goes wrong.

Here is the thing. A used bike is a used bike. A well used bike is a well used bike and is not to be confused with a slightly used bike. With items like plastic, frame, wheels and what not it makes little difference. But in terms of wear on the consumable parts the difference is huge, bearing, races, busghings seals etc... All the stuff people do not see is what goes wrong or wears out.

No doubt some kids do not care. Some will buy the newer bike despite mechanical shape and ride it with blown fork seals and slopped out linkage and ber perfectly happy and jump 20 feet high and never be the wiser that the bike is worn out.

If you are not that type get the bike in better shape. Is pays in the short term and in the long term. My .02.

Good luck!

I totally agree with ebeck, get the one that's in better shape, even if it's a little older.

Like ebeck said, sounds to me like you'd have to start changing out bearings, seals, possibly top/bottom end and other worn parts. How much will you have to put into it? $1000 to "freshen" up a bike? No way, forget it! Go with the 2000 model.


I'd go with the older less-used bike also.

The deal with the 2000 kx is a progressive rear spring which made the bike handling less than ideal. Replacing that with a straight wound spring 5.0 up to 180 lb rider or 5.2 if you're heavier is the ticket to a great bike.

I just bought a 2000 kx 250 for $2K yesterday!

i sent you a pm on the missouri site.2004 honda crf450, $3,000 needs nothing.and with extras,low hours well maintained and can be proven!

About the suspension, all true. But if you ride trails or what not it works fine. WAY better than play bikes or XR's or KDX's for that matter.

If you plan on carving it up at full throttle at the MX course than it MAY be an issue for a serious rider. Even theen I wonder. Kawasaki used that for a few years and the KX125 was progressive for years.

I went out of my way to source 99-00 forks and shocks. I want the plush nature. It is great for trails/woods riding. That is all me my old bones can not take a pounding anymore.

I wonder if KTM's have progressive spring rates for the offroad not MX variants? I bet they are with no linkage.

my old bones can not take a pounding anymore.

Me too. Suspension is the no 1 priority for me! No matter what anyone of us says about this bike or that, the best bet is to simply ride the bike and then make your own decision as to what, if any, changes are called for. I mentioned the rear shock just to let you know what was a common fix for some people's needs - The 2000 KX 250 was not an MX shootout winner but is an off-road winner for sure. :applause:

The 2000 KX 250 was not an MX shootout winner but is an off-road winner for sure.

You know that is a really good way to put it. Nicely done.

Just to let everyone know I bought the 2000 tonight. It looked great and rode good from the little I rode it. Now the fun begins with going over everything and checking bolts, grease, oil, new coolant. I like to start fresh on anything I buy so before I ride I have to provide my maintenance before I feel comfortable. Thanks for all your help. I will be posting more questions later.



Congrats! The 2000 is a great bike and you will love it. Excellent engine and plush suspension.

Congrats Larry! You made the wise choice.


Congratulations on your purchase!

Possible slight correction: I think pretty much any suspension is going to be progressive. Maybe you meant to point out that the shock spring was a progressively wound spring, not a straight rate spring, like the stock fork springs (and pretty much any other spring on a Japanese MX bike).

Be sure to check & grease the swingarm / linkage bearings & also the steering steam bearings. Kawi's are known for not having enough grease there from the factory! Other than this little issue, you just bought a good dependable bike!

Glad I found this I just purchased a 2000 kx 250 and it needed a new bottom end but the top end was brand new I bout it with low compression for $600 thinking it needed a top end. when we opened it up it didnt even have a gasket and all the bolts were loose and motor mounts too. after 250 for wiseco bottom end and crank which the bearings were bad in it and so my buddy said just get the whole set up. so 250 for labor my bike cost me $1100 it will be a all new motor, rest of bike looks like new. Ill keep you updated,

Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your bike.

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