Throttle Stop WR426

I have a WR426 that I use in South Wales United Kingdom does any one know does a british spec bike have a throttle stop how do I tell

The throttle pull assembly wheel has a stop screw restricting the pull. Find that, and you have it. If its not there you dont.

:) Not convinced that UK bikes need modding in this area, My UK 99 400 did NOT need touching, I believe (correct me if I.m wrong :D ) that US bikes had a massive (17mm) throttle stop fitted, mine was no where near more about 8-10 mm protruding from the carb body :D

I've Just removed the air filter pipe where it goes onto the back of the carb put my fingers into the intake of the carb and opened up the throttle so I could feel the slide and when the throttle is opened full the slide is fully up can't have a look at the cables the other side to see if there is a stop as I've just rounded the phillips screw holding on the black plastic cover!!!!!

:) Should be OK then, but the best check is to get the cover off and look for the brass peg that stops the throttle wheel turning any further, and unless it's massive leave it alone! :D:D

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