Order of Carb/Exhaust mods....



Does it matter what order you do these mods?

Can/Shouldn't you do all the aiibox, de-snorkle, jet, exhaust mods at the same time?

By the way, what bike?

Besides the bike you are talking about, yes you should do the standard uncorking mods at the same time. If you are talking about aftermarket exhaust or carb mods it depends on what you are after. Either which way you go, you may have to rejet according to each step in the process you make.

Are you going with a full exaust system? If you do a pipe then you should rejet then going up on the pilot and main one or two steps. The bike comes lean so adding a pipe without rejetting just adds to the problem.

On the XRL, don't do any mods that improve airflow without a re-jet.

If you want to tweak it a little, do the mods with the stock exhaust 1st and see how you like it.

If you know you want to do the exhaust, do it all at once and you'll only have to fine tune the jetting once.




Thanks for the replies....yes XRL...'07....probably gonna do these mods last, after a couple of thousand miles on the bike.

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