Lower the radiator

Can you lower the radiator on a 04 yz450f. Does somebody make a kit.



Not easily, and there are no kits available that I know of. The trouble is that the upper crossover hose passes through a hole in the frame, making lowering rather more complicated.

Dr. D makes the kit...well for the 06 250f so i dont know what would be diff? My friend put them on his bike and i mean you gain hardly anything, and the hoses drop down damn near on the exhaust i thought the money could be better spent elsewhere.

The difference is where the upper crossover goes on the '06+ frame compared to the '03-'05 450. Dr. D lists kits only for the '06.

grayracer is correct......

I have a 2004 model also, and I've thought about modding it, to get a lower center of gravity with the radiator weight.

The problem is that the radiator crossover tube, passes through the frame, and if you're going to lower the radiator(s), than obviously the crossover tube is not going to allow you to drop down. One option, is that you could have the radiator's top tubes cut, and than lengthened to allow the radiators to drop down. You'd probably have to modify the Dr. D kit to allow the mounts to fit the 03'-05' models different mounting dimensions, or fabricate your own......either way, it's a bit of a pain in the butt to do, and I don't know if even lowering it 3/4 of an inch or so would have that much impact.

I'd like to see somebody try it, and post their results.

DPW, How much lower does it go, compared to stock???

Also, shouldn't the numbers correspond to 03' thru 05' models??? it only lists 05'

I think the dimensions for the 03' thru 05' are the same aren't they??

DPW, How much lower does it go, compared to stock???

Also, shouldn't the numbers correspond to 03' thru 05' models??? it only lists 05'

I think the dimensions for the 03' thru 05' are the same aren't they??

No idea how much lower...just recall article in one of the mags about the company.

Yeah I agree and thought that the '03-'05 were all the same. There is actually a set on the same page that cover '03-'05, but I think they are stock dimensions so I would think the lowboys would cover the same years too.

Not much help huh..:applause: ...call the company Monday and let us know.

I just might do that, but for 500 Fun Tokens, it had better be a substantial difference.

i just went thorough all the COG lowering and lightening i could do/afford one thing was the PWR lowboy rads(which will work 03-5);with these you have to use a lowboy header. in my case i used a FMF factory fwd ti powerbomb(i woulda got stainless as i ride HS but they only come in ti) it all works well together. by itself i couldn't say how noticeable it would be as i changed frames also to a 05 wr frame,in 05 they lowered the COG to improve handling,that and i changed out to some ti axles and hardware. all this together drastically improved the handling,no more wrestling it over in the turns and gone is the high sided feeling. is it as good as a alum yz? i told gray it was gonna be just to ruffle his feathers,but in all reality it probly isn't,its certainly a BIG improvement :applause: worth it? it was to me as i've got way to much invested in that bike already to switch to a new platform.

Yeah Mountain', you are the consumate "tinkerer".

I'm kinda in the same boat, as getting a new 06' or 07' just isn't in the cards for me (i.e. wife wouldn't be too upset, but it would still cause some issues), Anyway, I've been kicking around the idea of going the same route as far as lightening things up. You wrote that a lowboy header is needed, what other companies make the lowboy??

pro circuit and dr.d were the only others i found and each only work with their own full exhaust. i already had a new ti powercore 4 so it was a easy choice. the factory 4ward powerbomb works with all fmf as well as stock mufflers. white bros used to make a lowboy but its no longer made. if theres any others i couldn't find them.:applause:

Thanx for the info...

I don't see how much lowering the radiators could do to lower the COG. How much do they weigh? I have ridden 05 and 06 CRF450's. The 06 was supposed to have a lower COG due to engine angle and a bit lower rads. I couldn't tell much difference, but then again I am just a mere mortal. I think before spending five hundred bones I'd try to drop five pounds of weight and work out my calves to get a lower COG. :applause:

if you ride in the tight eastern HS or like conditions (where they basically TRY to make one suffer) one problem your gonna have is overheating,the PWR lowboy rads are larger by 30%;but that also means they're heavier than stock...also more capacity means more fluid=heavier.

so if ya add it all up ya get better cooling with more actual affect of lowering the COG because of the fact there is more weight being lowered. i will probly agree that just lowering a stock set of rads may be hard to detect,but i went from fluidynes to the PWR lowboys and the difference was quite noticeable in the tight stuff;much easier to ride and less tiring at the end of a 2 hr practice:excuseme:

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