06 YZF450 fork seals leaking

Well after being fed up with valve issues on my 04 and 05 CRf 450's I just bought a 06 YZF450 with about 15 hours on it. The bike is really clean and has been rejetted with a full Dr. D exhaust. It starts on the first kick and I don't even have to crack the throttle like I did on the CRF.

My left fork seal is flowing like a river. I have heard some people complain about the fork seals on the YZF's. Any suggestions, aftermarket seals etc.

Any suggestions on seals or anything else on the YZF would be appreciated. I'm the oddball ball of the group now since all of my buddies still ride CRF's.



I've had good luck so far with the seals from MSRhp (through Thumper Talk). The OEM seals are a little um, lame.

I only just did my first fork seal on my 06 450, left side, mud riding included 150 hours of use so far, must be just a luck thing

I have 16 hrs on my 06 and Iblew my left side seal also.Thanks for the heads up grayracer.

How much oil do I need to replace the inner and outer chambers? Will one liter do it or should i get two.

Yamaha = seal changes, and weaping.

Get used to it, I am on my 4th set on my 07.....and have tried them all, FC etc.....and sliders are mint

At least the fork oil is always fresh!


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