In Love with my XR650R

I have been on this forum for a little bit now starting with a CRF450R. I had an older 82 XR250R but wanted more power. I bought the CRF450R for a really good deal. All the Maintenance and Valve issues as well as changing oil after every rider or every other ride really did not sit well with me. I ended up trading my CRF450R straight trade for a XR650R. Not sure if I made a good trade or not as I havn't had the chance to really ride the XR650R yet but riding the 650 tonight and getting into it I realized I definatly made the right choice. The 650 is so easy to ride and has just as much of not more power than the CRF450 but is so much more controllable in EVERY respect is unbeleivable. I can Idle the 650 in 5th gear and just give her some throttle and up and away she goes! I know the realiability of the XR's as I started Way Way back with my first bike a XR75. That bike was completely BULLET PROOF as the XR's of today are as well. Don't give a crap about the weight problem some people speak of as the bike does so much more to make up for it in so many aspects. Reliabilty......endless power.....Reliabilty......give her gas and she goes.....Reliabilty......NEED I SAY MORE?????


Mines been great, super do all bike, reliable and low operating cost and the power is nice but the rear tires can get ugly when your throttle happy.

I love alot of bikes, but I have been loyal to my XR650R as well. This is the perfect bike for a dual sport/ race bike option. The best of both worlds-ride it around town sometimes, then race it! No problem, just change the oil and check it out...:applause: :applause:

Have a blast riding that 650r!

Yep, me too. My first bike was a '74 XR75. Rode the crap out of that thing. Kind of wish I still had it. Amongst several 2 stroke dirt bikes I've owned two other big bore dual sports: a '96 XR650L and a '96 Kawi KLX650. Both were OK but I dreamed about a dual sported XR650R as the ultimate ride. Now that I own one I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. Welcome.

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