XR650L Sputters at rpm

My buddy has a '99 XR650L. It ran great before it sat for a couple months. Now, the bike sputters and cuts out slightly at upper rpms.

The air filter was cleaned and re-oiled, new gas and the carb was cleaned.

The bike still sputters at upper rpms.

Now, he bought a new battery before this problem popped up. He bought the cheapest WalMart battery that fit the bike.

Could the cheap battery be the cause of the upper rpm sputtering and cutting out slightly? It didn't do this before the cheap battery was put in.

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

That battery is probably the same quality that you'd get at a dealer, there are only so many manufacturers that make them. It probably wouldn't make any difference anyway. If the sputtering occurs only at high rpm try applying the choke when it's doing it. If it cleans up then you are lean, if it gets worse then you are rich. I know this is kind of hard to do but maybe get the bike on an empty road, shift into 3rd. a little early so it's bogging a little, then try the choke. It's probably a carb problem, maybe the holes in the sides of the main jet are slightly clogged? It could be an electrical problem but your generator system should be putting out enough current to run the bike at any rpm even with a dead battery. Check the voltage on the battery with the engine off, then with the engine running (revved slightly) If you don't get a higher reading with the engine running you have a charging problem.

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