Broke Every Bone In his lower Body

Man that hurts just looking at it.:applause:

Dude shoulda rode it out. Let the bike take the hit.


Thats really bad. Hope he recovers =/

Dude shoulda rode it out. Let the bike take the hit.

after the first 12 inches of travel are gone, then what?

probably didn't matter, he was screwed no matter what

I think that as soon as he knew he was gonna overshoot, he should have pushed back as hard as he could that way he could have landed in a decent place on the landing.

repost, but that still makes my legs hurt just watching that!

as much as that makes me cringe, im surprised to see that his upper body was fine. He tumbled like a crash dummy.:applause: :applause:

after the first 12 inches of travel are gone, then what?

probably didn't matter, he was screwed no matter what

Well I would have to imagine that the 12'' of suspention woulde have scrubbed off alot of the speed in which he impacted the ground. Also the fact that then his legs would take the next round of impact, After his knees and legs bent with impact the next thing to take the hit would be his A$$ on the seat as well as his arms and upper body helping to slow him down. Bad crash no matter how ya read it.... I'll keep my bike in the woods and close to the ground:prof:

OWW good thing he aint a horse!!!

I think he was not experienced cause it seems to me that he could've saved it by standing, leaning forward and tapping the rear brake. I know he over shot the landing but maybe, just maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Anyways, hope he recovers soon.

I think if he rode it out he probably would be including wrist, pelvis and possible sternum injuries.............Think he should happy with only leg moooosh and take the year off for rehab..............

He was just way out of shape and yes that hurt to watch :applause:

o my gosh that was a hard hit:eek:

Dude looks like Vanilla Ice


Dude looks like Vanilla Ice


I knew he looked like someone hahahaha, I think we should keep some humor in this and nickname him "chickena Legs" LOL!

i saw this on tv the show is called Holy *&!#$

ok first off if anyone thinks he could of almost rode that out your an idiot and have no riding experience. i would love to see what your reaction would be in the air. 12 inches bottoms so dam fast you dont even know its there, better yet go case a jump and see how 12 inches feels. there is no way someone 30 feet up can ride out a flat landing. he made the right choice pretty much. the roll could have been betterly executed but he jumped off and was prepared to roll, the best outcome in that situation.

Brake tap--yea right! Any way you look at it, he was S#it out of luck. He was lucky to just break bones in his lower extremity. With this height and severtiy of impact, he is lucky to avoid the wheelchair. This is why I stay away from big air.

that jump was only about 150 feet! I have seen Chuck over shoot a 200 ft. double in the movie--Chapter 1. He never bailed off the bike, but he pulled high right before he crashed; he walked away from it!!! the suspension did it's work in saiving his legs.

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