X ring clearance on WR

OK, I've tried the search function for the last 30 min and can't find an answer. I just put a new DID 520 VM X ring chain on my 04 WR 450. The rear wheel turns, but not as freely as it used to. I read in the forum search that some bikes have clearance problems with this chain. Has anyone had this experience with the WR? I also read that you can use a shim on the front sprocket but that doesn't seem to be where I'm having a problem. It seems like it is rubbing at the chain guide. Any help would be appreciated.

i've run one for a year and it does rub on the link side on the swing arm slides.Does'nt seem to be to much of a problem except i change my link every couple of rides as it wears the clip,just to be safe.

sound pretty silly to run this chain.Youve lost reliability from the rubbing and all the power the X chain was supposed to free up!

Thanks for the input guys, turns out I'm an idiot. I just bought this bike and upon closer inspection noticed that the previous owner apparently had a close encounter with a BFR and bent the chain guide slightly inward. A little vise grip massage fixed the problem and the wheel turns perfectly now.

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