Sag Setting for better Turning, Which Way to GO?

When setting the sag which way for a more planted/sticky front wheel.

I.E if at 100MM of race sag what will happen when I go to 110MM or more of race sag and/or if I go to 90MM. Which direction will make the front end feel more planted.

Right now I have 110MM of race sag on my 2004-wr450 and also on my 2000 WR400, the 400 feels awesome, the front end sticks and rails turns, the 450 feels like it wanders and doesnt want to hold a line, nor can I lean it over as much, both have proper springs front/rear and professionally revalved.

Thanks in advance


That bike is heavy I have an 06 pretty much the same , start out at 98 and adj. susp. from there that will help put more on the front wheel ,also you can raise your forks mine are at 7mm that is from enzo so try this hope it helps..

I am no pro in this, but this is how I think it works :

Less sag (lifting the rear) should have similar result as raising the forks in the clamps (dropping the front)

Setting less sag will steepen the effective steering head angle and make the bike turn better, but be less stable at speed. More sag will slacken the effective head angle and make the bike more stable at speed, but not as sticky in the turns.

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