Spark Plug Problems, not starting


I live in Dubai, doing lots of riding in dunes and mountains of the UAE and Oman. Just rturned from a weekend camping trip and had to put my

2004 XR650 in a truck, couldn't start it. The bike is in great shape, 2500 miles on it. This is the third time this has happened since I had it!! Here is the story.

I put 1000 miles on the bike, parked it for the summer in a VERY hot garage for two months. Came back and it started on the 10 - 15th kick, rode around the block. Tried to start it again one week later, kicked it 50 - 75 times, pulled behind a car. No way. Pulled off the tank, checked the plug (black) and there was no spark. Put in a new plug and it started on the second kick.

1000 miles later, very similar situation. The bike sat for a while, I started it, rode a mile or two and came back to it it a week later and same as before. No spark or a very, very weak one. I changed the plug and it started immediately.

Same thing last week. Pulled the bike behind a car to start it and got it going. Started riding yesterday and it started sputtering after 30 - 40 miles then died. Not firing at all, the plug is black. I'll buy a new plug tomorrow.

The bike came from Japan, original jetting, it was never corked, only change is a White Brothers E2 exhaust.

Thanks for your help. Steve

What brand plug are you using? I have had the same problem with an '01 XR400 and an '00 XR250R using NGK plugs. I tried Champions and Nippendenso, no more problems.

I was using the stock NGK plug when I had the first problem. The last two occuracnes were with Iridium BKR7EIX-P plugs


Just bought my 00 xr650r and same thing. Harder than hell to start. looked at the plug and it was black. I went down and bought a NGK Iridian spark plug and no more problems. it is a 6 to 8 dollar spark plug but no more problems

The plug seems to have lots of carbon on it. Did some reading and saw that a blocked air filter will casue this. Mine was pretty dirty. Does this sound true to you? Other csaues for the build up of carbon?

Thanks, Steve

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