250F Kickstart for a 450F

Will a kickstart lever from a 2004 YZ250F fit an 03 YZ450F?

Mine is bend and i found a good deal from a 250F so was wondering if i should buy it or not.


Come on guys!!!Anyone??

i doubt one from a 250 will work ,i've got a stock one from my 05 that should fit,PM me if your interested:thumbsup:

Even if it did fit, it might not stand up to the compression of the 450 and snap. Try to find a 450 one, or maybe a 400/426 one will work? Just my .2 cents.

oops didn't see you were in greece,it'd probly be cheaper for a new one :applause:

Thanks guys. I've been told that it wont fit(the saft is a different size) but i found one for a 450 really cheap.

Thanks anyway!!:applause:

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