Handguards for '07 WR450

I have heard and read some different reports on Cycra's Pro Bend Racing

kit for the '07 450.

Is anyone using the Cycra's, and if so, what mounts did you use?

Any problems installing?

Also, any suggestions regarding different handguards would be appreciated.


I just ordered a set from Moose. I will add some pics and comments when I get them.

I went with the Fastway FIT system. They connect to the top tripple clamp (allowing for more bar flex) and come with an integrated mount for my Scotts damper. Very slick.

I have the MSR D-flectors, hand guards only no shields and the fit is very good.

I've had the cycra probends, they are just a hassel compared to enduro engin.s I f you don't like their shield you can put what ever shield you want on them. Thats what I did. Runing the ee buster and cycra shield.

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