about the fuel screw?

It does go together washer,spring,o ring....right?When taking it out all came apart and i cant remember how it goes back together.I'm pretty sure this is right but if its not let me know!Also it seems to be looser in the carb than before,mabye its just me worrying.Has anyone ever tried stretching the spring to put more tension on the screw.Just a thought.

Going from first to last, o-ring, washer, spring then screw. If you put the washer in the wrong place the spring will tear the o-ring.

Just a tip for anybody that might lose that little o-ring...if you try to order it for a YZ they make you buy the whole assembly (screw, spring, washer, o-ring) and charge $$$. Order the o-ring off of the YFZ quad...same o-ring but they sell it seperate for less than a buck.

Thanks for the help guys!After fishing the spring,washer and o ring out i put them in the correct order.

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