Has anyone ran a 15/49 sprokets on your 450? I am getting ready for some desert racing for the first time, please give me some feed back.

I run that on the '03. If it's an '06, try a 14/49 or 14/48 first.

lol i'm running 15/40................thats supermoto gearing!! (gear for the longest bike busting straight on this small island!!)

what's your top speed with that ratio?

I have 15/48 or maybe it's 15/49 on my 4 speed 04 YZ450F. It's street legal but I think it's still not enough for the street here. It's fine for all the roads if I'm under 45 MPH. I took it on the highway once and I was getting smoked. Top speed is much higher than 45 MPH but for continuous riding above 45, I think I might blow her up because the revs are too high.

I'm looking into poping a 5 speed WR450 trans in it. Anyone know where I can get one used?

Hey I forgot to ask, will a 16 tooth fit on the front sproket? Or should I just go way down in the rear like 2wheels-DRZ did.

whooops, supermoto is the next thread, Thanks AwesomeO!

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