88 xr600r stopper plate torque specs, book says 'securely'

so after tearing down the motor and trans, replacing anything deemed worthy -3rd was wasted- , and getting to intimately know the internals of my scooter i successfully rebuilt the tranny and assembled. all was good until i took it around the block.

gears were working and shifting but didn't want to stay in.. so i took it apart again and found that the shift selector -that little cam-like thing- on top of the shift drum was offset and not even touching the shift pawl and so of course would not hold a gear in place. realized i'd installed it reverse-like.

now, its got a bolt on the end. book gives no torque ratings and when i crank it more than like 3 ft lbs the gear lever is f'n stuck. what am i doing wrong here and how can i ensure that that damn bolt just doesn't rattle out?

thanks y'all,


what about some loctite on that bad boy?

that is an option and what i'll do if nobody has experience with this.. it just seems like since its in a critical and highly mobile -every time you shift- area that a 3 lb torque with locktight wouldn't be enough. thoughts?

thanks to crusty's website for this image.

its labeled "stopper plate end of shift drum"



My service manual says 9 ft/lb for the cam plate bolt. Make sure that the threads are in good shape and use Loctite.

sweet, thanks creeky!


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