06 yellow bike where do I get replacement shroud graphics

Well, having a yellow yz is way cool but want to replace the worn out shroud graphics, but everything I look at has blue in it, any suggestions?

I want to thank everyone in advance for your help

N-Style made all of their 06 graphics in a blue version and in a yellow version. I'm not sure if their 07 graphics come with the yellow option, but I'm sure you can find the 06 ones around. You can also go with custom graphics from any of the companies that offer that.

It may be too late now but there was a set of Yamaha's OEM graphics for the yellow LE bikes on ebay this week. Worth a look since they weren't very high in price last thursday, the last time I looked. This might be a source to keep a watch on if the One Industries graphics don't appeal. Personally I like the One Ind stuff.


Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

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