Killswitch not working -426-

My killswitch just stopped working the other day out of nowhere, is this common? If so, where is the common fault at?

Look for damage to the harness running from the button down to the connectors that might indicate a cut or broken wire. Check the connectors themselves to be sure they are clean and tight. Then, using a VOM or DVOM continuity tester, connect the test leads to each of the two wires leading to the switch. It should read open (infinity), then, when you press the button, it should read closed (near zero).

Alright, thanks.


I would add to Grayracer's post that some dielectric lube in the connections helps keep the connectors clean and from getting bonded together and from corrosion from killing the connection. I got some dielectric grease in a small tube at the auto parts store and went through the entire harness system. We are really humid here with a lot of wet riding and the electrical connections seem to get corrosion on them quickly. Just an aside to the good gouge GR gave.


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