WR450 Battery

Foolish question...Can you use a regular car battery charger for a WR450. How about those portable jump starters? Are they too powerful for the battery in this bike?

A low-amp charger is OK - it's the time you have to watch. When you get a new battery (Yuasa, anyway), it says to charge the battery, and give time limits for the amp-output of the charger. However, in my experience, get a low-amp trickle/float charger, and plug it in after every ride. To let it sit all winter & then plug it in in the spring is usually too late - damage already done. I know there are a lot of variables, and some will possibly chime in on this, but I have found over the last 40 years of riding/maintaining that the Yuasa SmartShot of Battery Tender Jr. are excellent battery maintainers and reduce battery problems.

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